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" fern "

The head honcho. Kyle is our salesman, screen printer, and trash taker-outer.

He always keeps us laughing with his dry, sarcastic, sense of humor.

Kyle is great at knowing which ink colors look best on a plethora of shirt colors, but when you start getting technical (like file types needed, and any vector related topics), his eyes glaze over and he says yes to everything.

Save yourself, and us all, and don't talk artwork with Kyle.


Rashel keeps this business going from a comfortable chair with her feet up. She is our designer, all things billing, lunch and snack maker, and quadruple-tasker (it's a thing).

She is often found laughing at and with Kyle.

Rashel is forbidden from giving anyone a quote, unless your requested item is on a pre-approved price sheet supplied by Kyle.

Rashel and fax machines don't get along, so we don't have a fax machine.  

It is best for all of us, if we keep Rashel happy. (km)


" big red "

Red is our almost 10 year-old son. He came into this world big and continues to top the growth charts.

You may have gotten a business card from him. We are starting him out young to help him understand the business. Please give him a little grace while he practices his new gig as salesman!

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