Wanna know more?

Kyle’s answer:

We Screen Print & Embroider.

Rashel’s answer:

We are a Graphic Design, Screen Printing, & Embroidery company.

We design custom art for your garment! We are super cool and super fun, but mostly we want you to wear awesome shirts and market your business, family event, school, or church the way you want without breaking the budget!

We started the graphic design part of the business in September of 2009. Originally, it was so Rashel could stay at home with our son. What started as a way to supplement our income has become a blessing to our family. We work a lot of late nights making sure we meet deadlines, but we love it!

Money is tight for everyone and if we can get you an awesome, quality, shirt for a fraction of the price than “those other guys” charge, then we are all happy. Let’s be happy together!

We offer highly competitive prices while providing a 7-12 day turnaround on most orders.

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Minimum Quantities

Screen Print: 24 minimum Embroidered Caps: 12 minimum Embroidered Polos: 12 minimum

Westpark Cookie Friyay

Rush Orders

We know you can't always plan ahead, so we offer 48ish HOUR RUSH ORDERS, for an additional fee.

It may not be too late to get your shirts in time so you can save the day/event!

Turnaround Time

Our peak season starts in March and goes through October. Turnaround times can vary. As long as the garments you are requesting are at a local vendor and in stock, we will meet the 7-12 day turnaround time with no issues!

Our Services

Screen Printing, Online Stores and Embroidery.


Chickfila tshirt

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Meet Our Team

Kyle "Fern"

The head honcho. Kyle is our salesman, screen printer, and trash taker-outer. He always keeps us laughing with his dry, sarcastic, sense of humor. Kyle is great at knowing which ink colors look best on a plethora of shirt colors, but when you start getting technical (like file types needed, and any vector related topics), his eyes glaze over and he says yes to everything. Save yourself, and us all, and don't talk artwork with Kyle.


Rashel keeps this business going from a comfortable chair with her feet up. She is our designer, all things billing, lunch and snack maker, and quadruple-tasker (it's a thing). She is often found laughing at and with Kyle. Rashel is forbidden from giving anyone a quote, unless your requested item is on a pre-approved price sheet supplied by Kyle. Rashel and fax machines don't get along, so we don't have a fax machine. It is best for all of us, if we keep Rashel happy. (km)

Red "Big Red"

Red is our 11 year-old son. He came into this world big and continues to top the growth charts. You may have gotten a business card from him. We are starting him out young to help him understand the business. Please give him a little grace while he practices his new gig as salesman!

Best Quality Printed Tees At Affordable Price!

  • Personal Gifts
  • Occasional Gifts
  • Church Events
  • Business Packages
  • School and PTA Gear
  • Online Fundraising Stores

Whether you have a design already or just an idea, we are here to make that a reality.  Email us and start your customer design order right now!

Say goodbye to paper forms and hello the the easiest fundraiser you will ever have!  Email us to start your custom online store today!

Let’s get this party started! We can’t wait to hear from you about your next custom apparel needs.


Not located in the Great State of Texas? No problem! We will ship your order to you.

Best Quality

We've got the goods.

Best Prices

Nobody makes me beat my own prices...NOBODY!

Secure Payments

Whether you are checking out online or paying an invoice we email you, your payments are always secure.