Give the people
what they are asking for...

Some shirts are blah, while other shirts are amazing. The amazing shirts are the ones that you wear as often as you can.
Your go-to shirt for any event. You find yourself dressing it up with a jacket or wearing it with running shorts. You want to order that kind of shirt! 
Because that kind of shirt, while it might cost a little bit more, is the type of shirt you want your customers to own and proudly wear.  They are happy, and they talk about their favorite shirt…with a smile on their face. And that, my friends, is the best marketing money can buy!

Since 2011, we have printed on a plethora of shirts.  We know the good, bad and ugly for each brand and style. 
Feeling overwhelmed? Take a deep breath and let us help you narrow it down.

Our Recommendations

When you ask for a soft shirt, what you are asking for is the Bella Canvas 3001 CVC or their triblend.  This is what your people want you to order!

BC 3001 CVC
Comfort Colors Chambray

You will find these shirts walking around many a college campus, and you probably have one of these in your closet and LOVE it.  Comfort Colors 1717 is a winner for sure!

Have you seen a structured mesh cap walking around for the last few years? Chances are it is a Richardson 112. We also really like the lower profile 115.

Heather Grey Mesh Cap